For a chance at $1000 (and major bragging rights), show us what you’ve got.

It’s simple, really: We want you to produce amazing art. It can be abstract or literal, hand-done or digital—however you are moved to express yourself. That said, it will be going on our wall. We want something that can be considered a reflection of ourselves, and that we can be proud to show our guests. And remember that it will HAVE to be sized correctly at the right resolution.

For complete details, see the Submission Guidelines.

We want you to produce artwork that’s inspired by our longtime home—the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. It can be abstract or literal, hand-done or digital—however you can best capture the essence of the area and our pride in being here.

Find more details in the Submission Guidelines.

The winner will receive:

  • A $1000 scholarship (cash prize towards continuing education)
  • A Student Spotlight (custom press release, social media exposure, and learning opportunities)
  • The opportunity to have your creative work eternalized on our walls

Deadline for Submissions: Spring 2020

Winner Announced: Spring 2020

The following guidelines MUST be followed, or the entry will not be considered for final review:

  • Template: We have prepared a PDF template that includes printable area and bleed. It must be used for your artwork, as it provides the exact proportions of the space. The file is included in the downloadable asset package (below).
  • Asset Package: The provided asset package contains the design template as well as a creative brief, logos, color breakdowns, fonts, and some information about our company. Your artwork does not have to be FG branded, but keep in mind that we are your client here. It should directly or indirectly embody our support of creativity in our community.
    Asset package can be downloaded here.
  • Document Sizing: Document size must be set to 91” wide by 44.75” tall with an extra 1” bleed on the top, bottom, and each side. The document resolution should be set to 300 dpi. The provided template is already set to these specifications. The artwork will be scaled up from there.
  • Art Type: Both hand-done and digital artwork are acceptable, but all artwork must be digitized and placed in the template. That said, all hand-done artwork should be created at a large size and scanned at a high resolution in order to reproduce well in the print. Any artwork that is not high-resolution enough will not be considered for the voting phase.
  • File Format: When you submit, you will be asked to upload your packaged working files. Our team will review the files to ascertain whether the guidelines were followed and the artwork will reproduce well at a large size. If all boxes are checked, your artwork will then move on to the voting phase.

If you have any questions, please contact

Submit Your Work

Visit the Art on the Walls Dropbox to upload your packaged files.
Once your files are uploaded, come back to this page to finish your application.

Completed Upload Successfully

Please give a brief explanation (up to 150 words) of the thought process behind your artwork. What does it mean to you?

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