FG Demonstrates Integrated Marketing Expertise With New Olympus IX3 Series

August 17, 2012

Olympus ImagineWith a relationship spanning over six years, Olympus’ Scientific Equipment Group approached FG to develop a campaign for their new IX3 line of inverted microscopes, an innovative series of manual and motorized microscopes expertly crafted for live cell imaging applications — and their biggest product launch in over a decade.

Olymous IX3As a skilled integrated marketing communications company, FG recognized the need for a strategic approach to introduce the new products, appealing to the right market, at the right time, through the right channels with the right message! To position the IX3 series capabilities, the FG team created the campaign theme “Imag[in]e” with the tagline “Get inside your image,” communicating to the targeted scientists and researchers that they can get closer to their images than ever before with Olympus technology and challenging them to explore the endless possibilities the IX3 line offers.

FG also developed an assortment of collateral materials, such as sell sheets, brochures, digital ads and a digital media plan, to ensure that the desired audience was adequately reached. To effectively integrate our marketing efforts, FG’s “Imag[in]e” concept was kept uniform across all designs and media outlets.

According to today’s lead article in the popular digital media and advertising website, Digiday.com, a consistent message is especially important when launching a new product to avoid confusing the target market with conflicting information. Clarity in relaying information that highlights the products’ attributes and benefits is also imperative because your audience will be eager to learn what your product can do for them!

Olympus IX3 AdThe practical “Imag[in]e” concept was so well-received by the Olympus Scientific Equipment Group that it will be featured as the tradeshow booth theme for Olympus’ newly designed booth at Neuroscience 2012 in October. Additional products will also be showcased at the booth, highlighting the expandability of the theme and serving as a welcoming invitation to attendees that will encourage them to learn more about Olympus products.

Strategy and execution are key to successfully launching a new product or service. First Generation staffs all the professionals you need to complete an integrated marketing campaign like that of the IX3. A custom team of experts will collaborate to define, develop, and deliver your company’s product or service needs. Just explore our newly designed website to learn more about our specialties!

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