December 6, 2012

Despite the economic challenges hindering many businesses in the Lehigh Valley, First Generation continues to thrive in our 25th year in business, announcing our recent acquisition of TechniCom, an Audio/Visual production services and events company in Orefield, PA.

The acquisition allows FG to grow our already thriving Audio/Visual production business, utilizing TechniCom’s 33 years of A/V expertise to strengthen our equipment rental offerings, meetings and live event services, and system design and installation solutions. Bill Carmody III, FG’s former VP of Production Services, will serve as President of TechniCom.

Jerry Deane, founder of TechniCom, (left) pictured with Bill Carmody III,
President of TechniCom (right).

Bill is eager to fulfill his new role as head of FG’s sister corporation and continue nurturing the long term relationships TechniCom has formed during their 30 plus years in business, as well as welcoming new clientele. “TechniCom is a great complement to First Gen’s current A/V services,” says Carmody. “Both our local and national clients will benefit from this acquisition, receiving additional business offerings, an expanded equipment list and greater technician capabilities. FG looks forward to concentrating its focus on our core marketing and creative services, while still providing live event services to our clients.”

Jerry Deane, TechniCom’s founder, will remain on staff to ensure a smooth transition under Bill’s new leadership. Deane is optimistic about the positive impact this acquisition will have on TechniCom’s clients and future. “This is a great opportunity for TechniCom and its clients,” says Deane. “First Generation offers a wealth of marketing and creative expertise that will accompany and enhance the Audio/Visual services we offer.”

FG is confident that our acquisition of TechniCom will enhance the strength of our company and our client relationships, and we look forward to providing clients with additional offerings and superior service as we move forward in our growth.


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