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June 10, 2012

Carpenter Technology Corporation recently launched MetalMass™, a free smart phone app for the iPhone®/iPad® and Android™, developed and created by First Generation. MetalMass is available in the iTunes® store and the Android Market and features an easy to use interface that allows users to calculate the estimated weight and cost of long product metallic alloy materials (stainless steels, titanium alloys, etc.) based upon alloy family/density, shape, cross-sectional size, and length.

“At First Gen, we understand that smart phone apps can be an effective customer service medium that also enhances and extends the reach of your brand,” says Steve White, FG’s Director of New Technology. “MetalMass serves both of these functions. It is a useful tool that fits a real need in a very specialized market segment while reinforcing and extending the Carpenter brand as the market leader.”

The app functions in both Imperial and metric settings and is intended for design engineers, OEM’s, machine shops or anyone who deals with metals.

Download MetalMass in the iTunes Store or Android Market today.

Does your company need an app? Contact Steve White at to get started!

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