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March 23rd, 2016

It is said, Technology has fueled Innovation.

Drone art At First Generation, we counter with innovators fuel technology. Without great minds and creative thinking there would be no technological advances. We pride ourselves in finding the best technology to get the job done. However, jumping on the new technology train as soon as it pulls into the station is something we do not do at FG. No, we take a wait-and-see attitude, because when it comes to new technology, pioneers sometime get the arrows, while settlers get the land. That doesn’t mean we are not informed on new technologies – many of us are technology geeks. Our approach is, let’s find out everything we can about new technology and see if it is a good fit for First Generation and our clients.

Some new innovations that have joined the creative arsenal of First Generation include our drone, which enables us to get incredible aerial shots that add a whole new dimension to video productions without destroying the production budget; and our Sony FS 700 HD camera, which delivers incredible film-like images when coupled with our Nikon prime lenses and helps us deliver stunning visuals.

First Generation has embraced the Adobe Creative Cloud in all creative departments, which puts the power of every application at our (and your) finger tips. Deep integration between Premiere Pro, After Effects and Photoshop help us quickly move projects through our edit bays while allowing for color-correction, audio sweetening and special effects, all within our facility.

Technology fueling innovation and creative inspiration – that’s a win-win for First Generation and our clients.

~ Wayne Persing
  Senior Editor

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