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Blog 4 Hey! Look at Us! We’re Great!

September 15th, 2015 by Chris Allen

OK. We admit it.

We snoop around to see what the competition is up to. Right now, they’re apparently trying to outdo the presidential candidates for the Martyr-of-the-Year award. Here’s an example:

Janet, our lead designer, really cares about her clients! Last week, between contractions, she ordered her Ob/Gyn to look up the number of a local printer, while using her free hand to text the project manager, who was spending his vacation in California, fighting forest fires with his bare hands!

…or something like that. They’re extraordinary people who go to extraordinary lengths to satisfy their customers and, incidentally, to promote themselves. Fair enough. Everyone has to eat.

But this isn’t a youth soccer league. Clients don’t give out “participation” trophies. In this business, you have to win every time – by a huge margin if possible – to keep clients happy. It’s best for all involved if we focus on getting results, rather than tell you about the mountains we sometimes climb to help our clients succeed.

When a client can’t picture how things will be different in the future as a result of our efforts, we turn to numbers. Numbers are an effective means of visualizing what a strategy looks like when successfully executed. We show them how to implement, evaluate, and utilize key analytics to maximize marketing ROI. If every picture tells a story, then numbers make those stories add up!

After all, a 20% increase in adjusted gross income is a figure every businessperson understands and appreciates.

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