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At FG, we pride ourselves on being problem solvers, discovering the right solutions for your needs.

Working with the Life Science and Imaging group at Olympus, we were able to do just that with the Your Science Matters™ campaign, utilizing several different media to do so.

Check out the video sample at right.

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First Generation is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business


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Float like a butterfly. Sting like a bee.

Before you do anything, get a pencil and paper. Seriously. Or a pen. Or a mouse. But not your memory, because memories are flexible and rewrite themselves. Even short term ones. So play fair, you’ll get a kick out of it. It’s short and easy and conjures up a decided “hmmm” after observation… like a…

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In The First Place

With a name like First Generation, certain thoughts automatically come to mind… like firsts...

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When it comes to audio and video, look no further than TechniCom

Willow Tree Grove provides a beautiful atmosphere for your events

First Generation is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business